Album review: Laura Veirs – July Flame (Bella Union)

Album review: Laura Veirs - July Flame (Bella Union)


Proof that Americana needn't be the pursuit of the hirsute

Testimony to the fact that nu-Americana can be successfully beard-free, ‘[b]July Flame[/b]’, Veirs’ seventh album, is impressively unselfconscious in its girlishness. Here is a winsome, lady-driven response to the wood-chopping likes of [a]Midlake[/a], [a]Fleet Foxes[/a] and [a]My Morning Jacket[/a] that remains refreshingly sweet. From opener ‘[b]I Can See Your Tracks[/b]’, the acoustic finger-picking which trickles throughout the record flutters like soft Appalachian rainfall, setting a delicate, serene tone that Veirs rarely strays from. As the simple strings on ‘[b]Where Are You Driving?[/b]’ shimmer with moonshine dregs and ‘[b]Wide-Eyed, Legless[/b]’ shows off its otherworldliness, ‘[b]July Flame[/b]’’s loveliness is hard to put out.

[b]Leonie Cooper[/b]

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