Laurel Halo – ‘Quarantine’

Laurel Halo - 'Quarantine'


A move away from dance sounds and towards post-club ambiance

In part, Brooklyn electronicist Laurel Halo’s first album departs from the textures of her previous EPs. ‘Quarantine’ is less concerned with the tropes of olde world dance music, more fixated on gloopy post-club ambience. It’s an even bigger curveball for Hyperdub, though, and one likely to befuddle some of their most loyal customers. The washes of synth and arsequake bass? No big deal. Bursts of almost Radiophonic Workshop-like creeptronics? Rather lush, in their own way. Laurel’s vocals, pointedly high in the mix and often piercingly shrill? They’re gonna be dealbreakers for some of you. Still, the world learned to love Björk eventually, right?

[i]Noel Gardner[/i]


Director: Laurel Halo
Record label: Hyperdub
Release date: 28 May, 2012