Album Review: Laurie Anderson – ‘Homeland’ (Nonesuch)

Album Review: Laurie Anderson - 'Homeland' (Nonesuch)

Pretentiousness that induces stultifying boredom

[b]Laurie Anderson[/b] is a ‘cult’ artist, but even she will require the manipulative powers of L Ron Hubbard squared to convince listeners that [b]‘Homeland’[/b], her seventh album, is anything but incomprehensible gubbins. It features Tuvan throat singers, anaemic electronic vocals, and (obvs) [b]Antony Hegarty[/b], with [b]‘Another Day In America’[/b] being a huge lowlight in its 11 minutes of drag-voiced drivel about punctuation and search engines. Dull types will proclaim it an inspired look at the chaos of life, claiming [i]NME[/i] doesn’t ‘get’ art this profound. However [b]‘Homeland’[/b]’s greatest crime isn’t being flabbergastingly pretentious, but that it induces stultifying boredom.

[b]Laura Snapes[/b]

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