Album Review : Le Skeleton Band

Album Review : Le Skeleton Band


Preachers Blues

Facts about this album:

* The Skeleton Band are Bruno Jacob, (bass, banjo), Salsky Jr (drums, guitar) and Alexandre Jacob (vocals, guitar).

Album review:

There’s a track on the latest Beirut album called ‘My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille’; this seedy south of France trio sound as if they would know her on a first-name basis. Le Skeleton Band’s brand of scratchy vaudeville gypsy blues is earthier than Zach Condon’s romantic Gallic reveries, bashed out on acoustic guitars, melodica and pots and pans liberated from a local soup kitchen. Frontman Alexandre Jacob is actually easier to understand when he sings in his native tongue than in the weird, heavily-accented English he adopts for the majority of the album. Briefly, on the brilliantly noir-ish ‘Fils, Mon Cher Fils’, he’s a French Tom Waits. But elsewhere he sounds alarmingly like Papa Lazarou auditioning for Stomp.

Sam Richards

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