Lee Ranaldo And The Dust – ‘Acoustic Dust’

Lee Ranaldo And The Dust - 'Acoustic Dust'


The former Sonic Youth man collates an acoustic take on highlights of his previous two records

After Sonic Youth split in 2011, Lee Ranaldo crawled away from the wreckage of the Thurston Moore-Kim Gordon marriage with a thirst for simplicity. He released two albums of straightforward guitar-pop that matched up to Kim or Thurston’s post-Youth projects. Recorded live in Barcelona, ‘Acoustic Dust’ is a one-guitar strum-along that compiles the best of those LPs. As such, it’s an earnest man given a format to turn up the earnestness. Constant jangle blurs the songs, and a cover of Neil Young’s ‘Revolution Blues’ only emphasises Ranaldo’s newfound likeness to the Canadian in one of his dirgier moods.


Record label: El Segeli Del Primavera
Release date: 24 Nov, 2014