Album review: Lemonade – ‘Lemonade’

Album review: Lemonade - 'Lemonade'


Psychy party electro that respects neither boundaries nor booties

Emigrating from West Coast to East, Rob Da Bank’s latest signings are the cowbell-clacking nexus between Cisco’s free-mindedness and a Williamsburg party that shakes rump to the sound of twitchy DFA electro, PiL and their dubby punk-funk peers and the Balearic renaissance – especially so on the arms-aloft ‘Bliss Out’. If all that sounds messy on paper, the audio version is equally (agreeably) batty, bursting at the seams on the Oud-assisted ‘Nasifon’ and scaring us off our shimmy on the skunk-rock of ‘Unreal’, during which Callan Clendenin channels the quiver of John Lydon. But for all these experiments, the simple, thrilling point of it all is hedonism on a scale not seen since !!! hit their punk-house stride.

[b]Chris Parkin[/b]