Leonard Cohen – ‘Popular Problems’

Leonard Cohen - 'Popular Problems'


The legendary singer might be nearly 80 but he's not done writing carnal and witty records just yet

With each year that passes, Leonard Cohen’s voice gets ever deeper. On this, his 13th studio album, his gravelly vocals are so low they’re practically in the gutter – as is, brilliantly, his mind. Opener ‘Slow’ has the soon-to-be octogenarian seemingly crooning about the perks of an unhurried shag, before his usual weighty touchstones of sinners, salvation, love and death come into play. The elegiac ‘You Got Me Singing’ (“You got me singing the Hallelujah song”) hosts a knowing tribute to his biggest ‘hit’, and there’s even a twanging banjo on ‘Did I Ever Love You’. As intimate, beautiful and witty as ever, there’s an impassioned life in Leonard that’s missing from many artists a quarter of his age.


Record label: Columbia
Release date: 22 Sep, 2014