Album Review: Liam Finn – ‘Fomo’

Album Review: Liam Finn - 'Fomo'

Another wonderful New Zealand export

The debut from this New Zealand prodigy, 2008’s [b]‘I’ll Be Lightning’[/b], was a frustrating listen – too often Finn’s melodic gifts (inherited from his [a]Crowded House[/a]-leading father) were smothered by MOR choruses and maudlin tempos. On his follow-up, however, any singer-songwritery hang-ups are vanquished by Finn and producer Burke Reid’s eclectic arrangements and textures.

There are still some disappointments – the clichéd [b]‘Cold Feet’[/b] – but the stunning [b]‘Jump Your Bones’[/b], which sounds like The [a]Flaming Lips[/a] gone R&B, and [b]‘I Don’t Even Know Your Name’[/b], a disco [a]Teenage Fanclub[/a], hint that Finn is capable of greater successes in the future.

Tom Pinnock

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