Light Asylum – ‘Light Asylum’

Light Asylum - 'Light Asylum'


A joy ride through electropop

Like Toronto’s Trust, Light Asylum are a duo who find beauty in pushing the light and dark boundaries of electropop. Their palette is a broad one, from scattershot synth metal to darkwave to hardwired rave techno. Yup, they’re the type of band we want to invent new genres for. Bruno Coviello paints a layered background for the frankly amazing Shannon Fuchess to lever herself into a genderless sonic space of ‘otherness’ like some female Antony. Her voice is a Zelig-like thing which bustles from Andrew Eldritch atonality on opener ‘Hour Fortress’ to the Baby Dee-esque singing/speaking style on the OMD-like ‘Angel Tongue’. A slightly masochistic edge reveals itself on tracks such as ‘Pope Will Roll’, with its urgent request to “[i]use me like a credit card[/i]” and its fierce refusal to get to the chorus until the very end. But when it does it’s somehow doubly magnificent. This is a thrilling joy ride of an album.

[i]Priya Elan[/i]


Director: Bruno Coviello
Record label: V2
Release date: 11 Jun, 2012