Lightning Bolt – ‘Fantasy Empire’

Lightning Bolt - 'Fantasy Empire'


The cult Rhode Island duo return as rough and ready as ever

It’s been six years since the last new Lightning Bolt material, so let’s recap. Two shy comic-book obsessives from Rhode Island shun the stage, set up in the thick of the crowd, and make a drums-and-bass racket that sounds like a Neanderthal punch-up. ‘Fantasy Empire’ is the first album the pair have made in a conventional studio, although if it polishes their sound, it’s by a small increment. No matter: the rough grain is pretty much the point, opener ‘The Metal East’ spraying from your speakers like wood from a chipper. Drummer/vocalist Brian Chippendale’s delirious sing-song brings notes of fancy to tracks like ‘Dream Genie’, but Lightning Bolt’s aim remains simple: to batter you into ecstatic submission.


Record label: Thrill Jockey
Release date: 23 Mar, 2015