Album review: Lights – ‘The Listening’ (Warners)

Album review: Lights - 'The Listening' (Warners)


Insipid electro pop, devoid of heart, soul or point

We didn’t think it would be possible to get electro-pop more painfully saccharine than [a]Owl City[/a]. But then along comes Lights: a Canadian cross between that Postal Service copycat and Ashlee Simpson. Unsurprisingly there’s little of value to take from her debut offering; the singer’s overproduced vocals, shocking lack of decent melodies, unimaginative instrumentation and dreadful lyrics render [b]‘The Listening’[/b], rather ironically, utterly un-listenable. “[i]All I need is just a little emotion[/i]” Valerie Anne Poxleitner purrs during [b]‘Ice’[/b] – one of only two passable, [a]Ellie Goulding[/a]-ish tracks. Too right, love; come back to us when you’ve turned human.

[b]Camilla Pia[/b]