Album Review: Limp Bizkit – ‘Gold Cobra’

Album Review: Limp Bizkit - 'Gold Cobra'


An ugly continuation of their 'nu-metal' days

It’s difficult to believe [a]Limp Bizkit[/a] could return after all this time somehow even more hateful than before. Yet, by witlessly sticking to what was once termed ‘nu-metal’, a genre now hopelessly old and even less subtle, it’s really beyond parody: it ends up just ugly.

Things reach some kind of dark nadir with [b]‘Douche Bag’[/b] and its chorus line, the charming, “[i]I’mma fuck you up, fuck you fuck you fuck you up[/i]”. Then, as if to balance things out with some Tyler-style self-loathing, we’re subjected to the grimy navel-gaze that is [b]‘My Own Cobain’[/b], which is offensive on an entirely different level. Did it for the ‘nookie’? There can be no better contraceptive.

Dan Martin

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