Lindstrøm – ‘Six Cups Of Rebel’

Lindstrøm - 'Six Cups Of Rebel'

There’s fun to be foraged amid the excess

Lindstrøm’s cosmic disco has often veered close to prog, but ‘Six Cups Of Rebel’ sees him scratch that scab until 2008’s sublime ‘Where You Go I Go Too’ is but a delicious memory. The maximal ‘De Javu’ vogues over an airless orgy of guitar solos, brass honks and sex-god baritone. And try not thinking of capes fastened across hirsute chests when ‘Magik’ devolves into slap bass and huge ‘chorale’ synths. There’s fun to be foraged amid the excess even if, ultimately, it feels like Lindrøm’s set the controls to deep-space, smiling inwardly as his shuttle burns up.

[i]Louise Brailey[/i]


Director: Hans Peter Lindstrøm
Record label: Smalltown Supersound
Release date: 06 Feb, 2012