Linkin Park – ‘Living Things’

Linkin Park - 'Living Things'


A predictable earache

Does the world need Linkin Park to “go country”? No, and no-one knows this better than the band themselves; thus, their foray into said genre here is restricted to the three minutes of ‘Castle Of Glass’. The rest is… well, to be fair, they’ve obviously been listening to a bit of Skrillex, and thus the heavy guitar thud of yore has been replaced by a new, heavy electronic thud, but that aside it’s largely the usual semi-hilarious histrionica to which we’ve become accustomed, with songs called ‘Lies Greed Misery’, ‘Powerless’ ‘Scream If You’re In Pain’ and ‘Victimized’. I made one of those up, but can you guess which? Thought not.

[i]Hamish MacBain[/i]


Director: Rick Rubin, Mike Shinoda
Record label: Warners
Release date: 25 Jun, 2012