Album Review: Lisa O Piu – ‘Behind The Bend’ (Subliminal Sounds)


Re-imagining life through a wide-eyed sepia lens

Under a bridge in a land far away – well, Sweden – it’s doubtful pixie queen [b]Lisa Isaksson[/b] and band have any notion that the year is 2010. Delicately weaving spiderwebs of English-style pagan folk – but folk lent a white witch-does-Hans Christian Andersen fairytale soundtracks twist – [b]‘Behind The Bend’[/b] is as charmingly pastoral as a rural craft fair, and just as lovingly fashioned. Re-imagining life through a wide-eyed sepia lens, standout song [b]‘Simplicity’[/b] says it all: frill-free yet heart-flutteringly picturesque. And if all that suggests its inspiration was running away to a tiny cottage in the Scandinavian woods, that’s precisely because it was.

[b]David Westle[/b]

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