Album Review: Little Barrie – ‘King Of The Waves’

Album Review: Little Barrie - 'King Of The Waves'


Blues pop with heavy gusto

There hasn’t been a Stone Roses-esque manhunt in the five years since their last album, but [a]Little Barrie[/a] have been missed nevertheless. The likes of Weller and [a]Primal Scream[/a] have recruited Barrie Cadogan for licks, while their gnarly blues pop has earned a minor cult status in their absence.

Reunited with first album producer Edwyn Collins, ‘[b]King Of The Waves[/b]’ rekindles the band’s effervescent spirit but injects a fiery determination into Barrie’s blueprint. The likes of ‘[b]Surf Hell[/b]’ and ‘[b]Tip It Over[/b]’ twitch with machine gun urgency, while ‘[b]Money In Paper[/b]’ soars with a sawdust swagger and the producer’s backing vocals. Gritty, wiry, it’s good to have the little ’uns back.

Paul Stokes

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