Album Review: Little Roy – ‘Battle For Seattle’

Album Review: Little Roy - 'Battle For Seattle'


Loving reggae covers of Nirvana classics

It feels too easy to criticise this kind of release, such is the instant popularity of rock-gone-reggae cover albums nowadays. After Soul Jazz kicked off the trend with 2001’s sublime ‘[b]Studio One Soul[/b]’, what could be perceived as mawkish cash-in after mawkish cash-in followed, with rootsy [a]Radiohead[/a], dub [a]The Beatles[/a] and dubbier [a]Pink Floyd[/a]. Now – finally, you shout! – [a]Nirvana[/a] get the same treatment, with the likes of ‘[b]Come As You Are[/b]’, ‘[b]Heart-Shaped Box[/b]’ and ‘[b]About A Girl[/b]’ reworked by rocksteady elder [a]Little Roy[/a]. But this is a loving project, that’s all. No tedious intentions, no major fuck-ups, just subtle versions of classic songs that actually end up taking them somewhere new.

Matt Wilkinson


Record label: Ark
Release date: 05 Sep, 2011