Judging by their performance at South By Southwest, Lo-Fi-Fnk are fans of comedy baseball caps. It’s an image that goes well with this Swedish duo’s sparky, unabashed, four-minute electro-pop songs. ‘Boylife’ is a collision of Daft Punk’s dance nous, Hot Chip’s electronic bent and Röyksopp’s songwriting skills – albeit on a budget. It has its moments. ‘Adore’ is a pleasant enough slice of retro-sounding electro-funk, while ‘Wake Up’ takes stylistic cues from European trance records, then continues to ham it up to excess. The problem may lie in the fact that ‘Boylife’ was recorded more than a year ago, so it can’t help but sound a tad dated. Heck, maybe we’re being a bit too churlish here. If you have a taste for disarming, jollified dance pop, this will do nicely for you.

Stephen Worthy