Loney, Dear


Loney, Noir

If you’re someone constantly lambasted by friends for a knitting obsession and unrivalled collection of flowery frocks you’ll know better than most that it’s not easy being twee. Thank God, then, for Sweden’s Emil Svanängen, the new anti-hero for those of us who like our pop with a spoonful of sugar. With hints of fellow countryman Jens Lekman in ‘I Am John’’s purring vocals and littered with delicate Sigur Rós melodies throughout, this album is about as Nord-chic as it gets and is, unsurprisingly, completely beautiful. ‘Carrying A Stone’ is a tumbling tune, laced with pure folk loveliness, while the whole record is an aural hug. Not likely to appeal to your common or garden new raver, but perfect with a nice cup of tea. And whatever some might say, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Rebecca Robinson