Album review: Lorn – ‘Nothing Else’ (Brainfeeder)

Album review: Lorn - 'Nothing Else' (Brainfeeder)


Beats that get all up in your grills but soon get old

Opening with a clock’s chime, [a]Lorn[/a]’s debut feels like he’s ticking off the hours until his own personal apocalypse. Re-angling post-hip-hop beats to refract wedges of spongey, minor-chord synths, the Illinois beatmaker creates emotionally charged soundscapes as intense as anything in Jack Barnett’s head. But as synthetic strings are layered over militaristic, Timbaland-style drum rolls ([b]‘Army Of Fear’[/b]) and treated vocals seep through despondent boom-clack (‘What’s The Use’) there’s a sense that the drama is congealing into turgid sentiment. After half an hour of churning melodies and rootless beats you’re craving something, anything else.

[b]Louise Brailey[/b]