Lorn – ‘Ask The Dust’

Lorn - 'Ask The Dust'


Lorn's dark electronic music is gradually becoming accessible

The first outsider signing to Flying Lotus’ LA-centric Brainfeeder label for his 2010 debut ‘Nothing Else’, Illinois’ Lorn was immediately detached from his peers; his glitches and groans evoked a gloom far from coastal azure skies. In reaction to the “cold and strict” (his words) design of album one, this Ninja Tune-released follow-up finds Lorn embracing a more organic approach to his craft. But don’t expect instant-click accessibility: this is ambitious electronic music rewarding persistence. In the grinding machinations of certain cuts one can hear Stockhausen rumbles beneath vocals moaning like The Knife drowning in oil, and heavier affairs share common compositional ground with El-P’s punchy hip-hop productions. ‘The Well’ could be Hudson Mohawke operating from the basement of a haunted house, while centrepiece ‘Diamond’ evolves from Judgement Day terror to buzzing euphoria. Lorn remains dark and scary, but he’s learning to communicate with the masses.

[i]Mike Diver[/i]


Director: Lorn
Record label: Ninja Tune
Release date: 18 Jun, 2012