Los Campesinos!- ‘No Blues’

Los Campesinos!- 'No Blues'


'No Blues' finds Los Campesinos! settling into a more consistent sound

The transition between the optimistic C86 vibes of 2008’s debut album ‘Hold On Now, Youngster’ and their more heartbroken fourth, 2011’s ‘Hello Sadness’, was remarkable. Follow-up ‘No Blues’ finds the band settling into a more consistent sound. Despite the positive title, singer Gareth Paisey is as lyrically downbeat as ever, but it’s the melodic swells that prevent everything becoming too suicidal. Harmonies and violins swirl as Paisey wails his woes on ‘As Lucerne/The Low’, and ‘Cemetery Gaits’ lulls with rippling electronics that exist alongside various metaphors for death. Maturity suits them well.

Lisa Wright


Director: Witchita
Record label: Turnstile
Release date: 25 Oct, 2013