Album review: Lou Barlow – ‘Goodnight Unknown’

Album review: Lou Barlow - 'Goodnight Unknown'

From a bruised heart comes a warm glow

Whether turning out visceral noise-pop with [a]Sebadoh[/a] and [b]The Folk Implosion[/b], conjuring lo-fi gems from a four-track as [b]Sentridoh[/b] or playing energetic sideman to [b]J Mascis[/b] in [a]Dinosaur Jr[/a], [a]Lou Barlow[/a] has always kept busy. [b]‘Goodnight Unknown’[/b] provides another glimpse into the softer side of the indie rock lynchpin, following the winsome folk of his last solo album [b]‘Emoh’[/b]. No-one does a world-weary sigh of a record quite like Barlow, and these songs wrap you up like a giant parental hug. Flipping from the new wave-ish pop stomp of the title track to the glorious melancholy of [b]‘Too Much Freedom’[/b], [b]‘Goodnight Unknown’[/b] is another understated treasure from the prince of the perpetually bruised heart.

[b]Tom Edwards[/b]

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