Love Is All


Mixed Up

Even if you’re a fan of the band, remix albums can be uneven propositions, at least while simply sticking a beat under the bass and chopping up the vocals seems to satisfy most mercenary knob-twiddlers. When you’ve got an album of songs from Swedish new wavers Love Is All’s debut ‘Nine Times That Same Song’ remixed by such luminaries as Hot Chip, FrYars and Maps, you’d be forgiven for feeling a bit more optimistic, however. Highlights include Metronomy tacking his usual analogue wizardry on to ‘Spinning & Scratching’ and The Bees’ version of ‘Make Out Fall Out Make Up’, which saves jazzy guitar and soul horns from the evil clutches of Mark Ronson. The best comes in the shape of Hot Chip’s melancholic version of ‘Felt Tip’; all plaintive synths, sax and subtle beats. ‘Mixed Up’? More a showcase for some of the best remixers around.

Tom Pinnock