Love Of Diagrams



People think our job is easy, and most of the time it is. But every so often a record comes along that’s practically impossible to write about. Not because it’s so bad per se, but because it’s so unimaginative. Melbourne-based trio Love Of Diagrams’ second album is one of those records. ‘Mosaic’’s heart is in the right place, with its grinding, angular guitars, rolling-thunder rhythm section and Antonia Sellbach’s nonchalant vocals. And, on songs like ‘Confrontation’ and ‘The Pyramid’, it all sounds great. But too much of it is post-rock by-numbers, which makes most of ‘Mosaic’ more tedious than a wet Tuesday in Auchtermuchty (see ‘Pace Or The Patience’ or ‘All The Time’). Not a terrible record, just one you won’t want to listen to very often.

Barry Nicolson