Lower Than Atlantis – ‘Changing Tune’

Lower Than Atlantis - 'Changing Tune'


A potentially great record that ended up plodding and unremarkable

Although they’ve spent the last three months being presented to the media like they’ve just formed, this is actually Lower Than Atlantis’ third album. It is, however, their first for major label Island, and they’ve clearly been handed enough money to make ‘Changing Tune’ sound absolutely enormous. It’s expensive-sounding, slick, and in ‘Love Someone Else’ and ‘Move Along’, has two tunes that are ready-made radio hits. Sadly, aside from that, it’s plodding and unremarkable. Worse still, its bluster and sheen ends up burying the barbed poetry of frontman Mike Duce, who’s previously showed himself to be a witty lyricist. A missed opportunity.

Tom Goodwyn