Album Review: Lowline – ‘Lowline’

Album Review: Lowline - 'Lowline'


Brilliantly drawing on their hometown of Manchester

Bands like [a]Everything Everything[/a] banging on about how they want to completely ignore Manchester’s vast music history have got it wrong: yes, fair enough, the city’s musicians shouldn’t trade on former glories, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking what has come before as inspiration and taking it to fresh new places. And this is exactly what Lowline – for a long time now a huge draw in their hometown – do very brilliantly indeed. Because if in the likes of [b]‘Gun In My Side’[/b] or [b]‘Sound Of Music’[/b] there are unmistakable echoes of [a]Joy Division[/a]/[a]New Order[/a], there is also the sense of a band who don’t even know how to spell ‘nostalgia’.

Liam Cash