Album review: Lucas Renney – ‘Strange Glory’ (Brille)

Album review: Lucas Renney - 'Strange Glory' (Brille)


Gently-does-it genius

You’ve heard of the pink pound. Now, produced by Cocteau Twin Simon Raymonde, with session backing from Midlake’s rhythm section, comes a record in pursuit of the kind of beige pennies people who wear tank tops spend on ATP tickets. Or not. Like a hand grenade hidden in mashed potato, the genius – and make no mistake, songs such as [b]‘These Same Stars’[/b] are genius – of this singer-songwriter’s debut, is that beneath the plucked acoustic melodies and above the lush Cohen-esque instrumentation, is a brutal, barbed wit. In layman’s terms, [b]‘How I Wanted You’[/b] is basically about wanting to fuck someone else more than the person you’re actually fucking. It’s that kind of dank emotional honesty that will garner a few quid of the metallic stuff.

[b]James McMahon[/b]

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