Lucky Soul

Lucky Soul


The Great Unwanted

There’s never been a decade as picked over, reworked and abused as the ’60s. There’d

be justification to cordon it off altogether, were it not for bands like Greenwich’s Lucky Soul. Their Spector-indebted sound is ice cream sweet, but, like Saint Etienne or The Concretes, they lace it with ground shards of bleak heartbreak and sharp lyrics that’ll have your heart bleeding. Singer Ali Howard’s girlish, unaffected voice brings depth to the styled misery of ‘Baby I’m Broke’ and ‘My Brittle Heart’. It’s been done a bazillion times, but then so has sex. Occasionally, they slip over the line with one too many handclaps (‘Get Outta Town’ is almost Emma Bunton), but, mostly, it looks like a summer of love is coming their way.

Emily Mackay