Luke Haines – ‘New York In The ’70s’

Luke Haines - 'New York In The '70s'


Haines ode to the Big Apple has impressive bite

After two decades picking over Britain’s cultural memory, ‘New York In The ’70s’ sees Auteurs and Black Box Recorder man Luke Haines revive an obsession with the Big Apple that dates right back to The Auteurs’ single ‘Chinese Bakery’, in 1994. Its portraits of downtown legends like Lou Reed and Alan Vega are far more affectionate than much of his scabrous output, with music that flits between dreamy Velvets simplicity and the synthetic throb of Suicide. Haines’ genius breaks through in the Blakean visions of ‘Cerne Abbas Man’ and ‘NY Stars’, which marry America’s “mythic muthafuckin’ rock’n’roll” to England’s past via his own career as mischievous pop irritant.

Stuart Huggett


Record label: Cherry Red