Luke Temple – ‘Good Mood Fool’

Luke Temple - 'Good Mood Fool'


Graceful songwriting combined with shy falsetto create moments of uncommon beauty on 'Good Mood Fool'

Luke Temple is taking another break from Here We Go Magic, and his fifth solo album is like salve for the soul. When the Brooklynite’s graceful songwriting combines with his shy falsetto it creates moments of uncommon beauty. The bluesy ‘Hard Working Hand’ and the ’80s soul of ‘Katie’ might not sit right with his indie fanbase, but tracks like ‘Florida’ offer the kind of sublime, folk-informed pop that makes Temple such a singular voice. ‘Those Kids’ is a misfit mini-anthem, its gentle funk peerlessly conveying an outsider’s sense of quiet contentment. As befits Thom Yorke’s favourite songwriter, Temple’s unassuming sound can often hide how experimental he is. Not so on the lysergic electronics of ‘Sue’, which swirl like watercolour dreams.

John Calvert


Record label: Secretly Canadian