Lust For Youth – ‘International’

Lust For Youth - 'International'


The Swedish trio swap noise assaults for uplifting synthpop

Hannes Norrvide founded Lust For Youth as an ear-blitzing noise project in his native Sweden, but since moving to Copenhagen in 2010, where he fell in with the crowd around Iceage and the Posh Isolation label, his music has changed beyond recognition. When NME first interviewed Norrvide in 2012, he was singing the praises of the Pet Shop Boys, and talking of giving his gothy synthpop laments a polish. 2013’s ‘Perfect View’ gestured in this direction, but ‘International’ feels like an arrival. Recorded with Vår’s Loke Rahbek on synth and Malthe Fischer, ex-Oh No Ono, on guitar and production, these 10 electro-pop songs truly glisten. A darkness licks at the edges of ‘Epoetine Alfa’ (named after a cancer drug) and of ‘Armida’, featuring a plaintive turn from guest vocalist Soho Rezanejad. But largely, it’s uplifting: see the Balearic-tinged ‘Illume’, which imagines tattooed punk kids kicking back around a swimming pool with fruit-based cocktails. If Lust For Youth get any closer to pop, they’ll be in ‘Club Tropicana’ territory. Which might not be a bad idea.

Louis Pattison


Director: Malthe Fischer
Record label: Sacred Bones
Release date: 09 Jun, 2014