Album Review: Macy Gray – ‘The Sellout’ (Island)

Album Review: Macy Gray - 'The Sellout' (Island)


Effortlessly combining classic pop with flamboyant chart-frippery

A knockout wasn’t on the cards, so we’re somewhat surprised to be sprawled on the canvas muttering incomprehensibly while [b]Macy Gray[/b] raises one mighty fist airward. [b]‘The Sellout’[/b] is packed with killer soul-pop stompers, including the excellent, throbbing [b]‘Kissed It’[/b] featuring [b]Slash[/b], [b]Duff MacKagan[/b] and [b]Matt Sorum[/b] doing a fair Glitter Band impression and sounding nothing like three-fifths of [b]Guns N’Roses[/b]. Macy effortlessly combines the classic pop of Chic and Bill Withers with the sort of flamboyant, contemporary chart-frippery [b]Mika[/b] probably thinks he’s up to. Her smoky Donald Duck rasp becomes trying before the conclusion, but that’s a minor irritation.

[b]Jeremy Allen[/b]