Album Review: Male Bonding – ‘Nothing Hurts’ (Sub Pop)

Album Review: Male Bonding - 'Nothing Hurts' (Sub Pop)


Punk bubblegum that'll go off with a bang

Early suspicions of [b]Male Bonding[/b] went thus: from ‘trendy’ Dalston, voguish ‘bromantic’ name, emotional breadth cribbed straight from [i]Wayne’s World[/i] – fun like a flash in the pan should be, but hardly built to last, right? Of course, then they inked to Sub Pop, and debut LP [b]‘Nothing Hurts’[/b] proves what seemed like affectation is simply purity of intent. [b]‘Your Contact’[/b] and [b]‘Pirate Key’[/b] tone down the basement scuzz and emerge as joyful, guile-free surf-grunge, while [b]‘Weird Feelings’[/b] cops a little of [b]Abe Vigoda[/b]’s tropical steez with thrilling effect. The result is purest punk bubblegum, and deserves to be blasted long and loud all summer long.

[b]Louis Pattison[/b]

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