Album review: Man Like Me

Album review: Man Like Me


Man Like Me

Two long years after the bleep and skank of ‘Oh My Gosh’ whipped round ears and blogs like a very itchy, irritating rash, this north London trio finally release their debut. Their seamless stitching of ska, electro and grime might border on the wacky (see ‘Fruit’ with its impassioned plea for pears), but it’s like a night bus journey with an annoyingly charming pissed-up tosser. At first you’re shooting out poison glares, but by the time you get to your stop you’re best mates. ‘Single Dad’ comes on like Scroobius Pip fronting Toddla T, while ‘London Town’ raves it up old-school in a way that’d make Mike Skinner proud. It’s not quite as ‘behold my social commentary!’ clever as it thinks it is, but for a man of the moment, it’ll do fine.

Emily Mackay

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