Album Review: Manchester Orchestra – ‘Simple Math’

Album Review: Manchester Orchestra - 'Simple Math'


Elevating their status to the mainstream recognition they deserve

The fundamental problem with [a]Manchester Orchestra[/a] is that they aren’t a band consisting of [a]Morrissey[/a], Bez and a tuba. Yet if you can overlook that, there’s very little else that’s wrong with them.

This, their third album, continues the Atlantans’ slow but upward career trajectory to date, almost akin to an American [a]Elbow[/a] in that they’re grandiose, utterly lovely, but unlikely to sell any records for at least another couple of releases down the line. The best song is closing number [b]‘Leaky Breaks’[/b] – mainly because it’s called [b]‘Leaky Breaks’[/b], but also because it sounds like a band playing guitars plugged into their hearts.

James McMahon

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