Manchester Orchestra – ‘Cope’

Manchester Orchestra - 'Cope'


The Georgia quartet power through fourth album but lack variety

This fourth album from Atlanta Georgia’s most geographically misleading quintet abandons the prettier, quieter moments from their last album, 2011’s ‘Simple Math’, and focuses instead on turbo-charged power-pop. Guitars are crunched, drums are hammered and silly synths add an OK Go sheen, and the result is like prime-era Jimmy Eat World or Weezer circa ‘Maladroit’ minus the crushing disappointment that it’s not as good as ‘Pinkerton’. Second song ‘Choose You’ is especially triumphant, a storm of joyful singing and gigantic riffs. Sustained power and little in the way of variety can make for quick fatigue, but at just 38 minutes long ‘Cope’ has hooks and energy to spare.

Thom Gibbs


Record label: Loma Vista
Release date: 31 Mar, 2014