Album Review: Marcus Foster – ‘Nameless Path’

Album Review: Marcus Foster - 'Nameless Path'


Mopey balladry mixed with sass

Rather than the mysterious road less travelled that the title of his debut album suggests, Foster’s steps are pretty easy to trace. Released on Communion, the label that sprang from the Mumford-associated club night, the emoting folk-rock here is hardly a surprise. Yet if his path is well-trodden, he swaggers along it in style. There’s more room in this world for the sassy, moody, Tom Waits-styled ‘[b]Shadows Of The City[/b]’ than there is for the mopey balladry of ‘[b]I Was Broken[/b]’, but the range of moods here is impressive. A little further from the beaten track, and we might have something.

Emily Mackay


Record label: Communion
Release date: 26 Sep, 2011