Album Review: Maria And The Mirrors – ‘Travel Sex EP’

Album Review: Maria And The Mirrors - 'Travel Sex EP'


Throbbing electronica that rattles the brain

It’s been a while since [a]Factory Floor[/a] first inflicted their black noise upon us, so it’s about time some new unholy trio pledged themselves to eviscerating our earlobes. Step forward [a]Maria & The Mirrors[/a], who are built upon an industrial foundation of Throbbing Gristle and EN, spruced up with the otherworldly electronica of [a]Gang Gang Dance[/a].

The title track is an elongated rumbling war march, splintered by discordant detritus ricocheting in the background as largely unintelligible words are repeated incessantly in a state of frenzied catatonia. And while the shrill vocals of Crystabel and Keira Fox may sound alluring on [b]‘Magadan ’92’[/b], they’re just the sirens luring you to a cranium-squeezing demise.

Ben Hewitt

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