Album Review: Mariachi El Bronx – ‘ Mariachi El Bronx (II)’

Album Review: Mariachi El Bronx – ‘ Mariachi El Bronx (II)’


Modern age, romantic, punk

If ever there was a band that reinforced the essence of punk in the modern age it’s The Bronx. It’s not just their hardcore principles – there are many bands reading from that hymn sheet. It’s the kind of spirit that means that upon being asked to perform acoustic for a TV show, they didn’t decide the most man-damning tack to take would be to pull down their pants and roast a flaming turd on the studio floor. Nope. It was to do it mariachi-style. It was a beautifully anarchistic move that’s now spawned its second (more polished) album under the [a]Mariachi El Bronx[/a] alias. The heartbreaking ‘[b]Fallen[/b]’ and tempered ‘[b]48 Roses[/b]’ are bold declarations of affection, grounded only by the feisty and trumpeted fervour of ‘[b]Map Of The World[/b]’ and ‘[b]Matador[/b]’. Building upon the romanticism of their debut, MEB have the tenacity to create dedicated loves songs to the sweltering sounds of trad-Hispanic dance music – sans irony. You don’t get more punk than that.

Listen to ‘[b]48 Roses[/b]’ below. Modern age punks are sensitive and affectionate.

Ash Dosanjh


Record label: Wichita
Release date: 02 Aug, 2011