Marijuana Deathsquads – ‘Oh My Sexy Lord’

Marijuana Deathsquads - 'Oh My Sexy Lord'


Ricochets from glitchy electronica to feral noise-rock

Marijuana Deathsquads are Minneapolitan producer Ryan Olson’s //other// supergroup, featuring many of the same faces – Har Mar Superstar and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon included – who appeared on Gayngs’ excellent 2010 debut, ‘Relayted’. Yet whereas that record adhered to a strict soft-rock dogma, ‘Oh My Sexy Lord’ is all over the shop, ricocheting from glitchy electronica to feral noise-rock via lysergic ambience without much in the way of reason or rhyme, resulting in a perverse, discombobulating jumble of ideas that somehow hangs together coherently. Whether listening to them or foolhardily attempting to describe them, there’s little about Marijuana Deathsquads that’s easy, but that doesn’t make their third LP any less rewarding.

Barry Nicolson


Record label: Memphis Industries