Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson



Mark Ronson is the producer de jour who’s enhanced the careers of Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen. The New York scenester also happens to be the guy who DJ’d at TomKat’s wedding. And so into this modern ball of contradictions comes his second album. A collection of covers of modern classics, his choices are faultless and his sense of fun is very apparent – whether it’s the brilliant version of The Smiths’ ‘Stop Me…’ reimagined as a dark soul ballad aided by Daniel Merriweather, The Jam’s ‘Pretty Green’ as a CSS-style danceathon or Allen’s emotional take on Kaisers’ ‘Oh My God’. The trick doesn’t always work, however, as takes on songs by Ryan Adams and Maximo Park prove. But for its irresistible sense of fun, ‘Version’ shouldn’t be ignored.

Priya Elan