Maroon 5 – ‘Overexposed’

Maroon 5 - 'Overexposed'


A record reliant on chart-friendly hooks

Why are Maroon 5 still around? Because they love a good hook more than they love any of their old Prince or Police records. Plus, they’ve got the smarts to moo-oo-oo-oove with the times. ‘Sad’ is an Adele-apeing weepie, ‘Payphone’ has a guest rap from Wiz Khalifa, and both ‘Lucky Strike’ and ‘Fortune Teller’ feature cod-dubstep breakdowns. Why are Maroon 5 still the MOR mavens you can’t defend to your mates? Because Adam Levine still sings like Sting with blue balls. Plus, he’s still the sort of chump who thinks that he’s a “player” but then goes and writes a song called ‘Ladykiller’ about, erm, a girl.

[i]Nick Levine[/i]


Director: Benny Blanco, Sam Farrar, Shawn Kang, D.J. Kyriakides, Mason "MdL" Levy, Adam Levine, Maroon 5, Max Martin (also exec.), Noah "Mailbox" Passovoy, Matthew Rappold, Robopop, J.R. Rotem, Sam Spiegel, Shellback, Ryan Tedder, James Valentine, Brian "Sweetwesty" West, Noel Zancanella
Record label: Polydor
Release date: 25 Jun, 2012