Martyn – ‘The Air Between Words’

Martyn - 'The Air Between Words'


Washington producer delivers jumpy beat-driven third album

Like Hyperdub’s Kode 9, Washington-based producer Martyn runs a label (3024) and specialises in progressive bass music. This third LP is jumpy and beat-driven and banishes the memory of the dubstep scene he emerged from. Opening with the watery ‘Forgiveness Step 1’, it immediately changes pace: ‘Glassbeadgames’, which features Four Tet and is propelled by a UK garage kick, is claustrophobic. The unforgiving techno of ‘Empty Mind’ and the disorientating ‘Drones’ maintain an exhilarating pace, while ‘Forgiveness Step 2’ is equally hard and fast. ‘Lullaby’, which ends with the pop and roll of a skateboard trick, offers brief respite before Martyn’s bruising journey ends with ‘Fashion Skater’ – a final bowel-loosening assault.

Ben Homewood


Record label: Ninja Tune
Release date: 23 Jun, 2014