Mary J. Blige – ‘The London Sessions’

Mary J. Blige - 'The London Sessions'


The Disclosure brothers lend a hand on the R&B icon's dance-ready endeavour

In February, Disclosure released a remix of their ‘F For You’ single featuring Mary J Blige on vocals. Guy and Howard Lawrence had a powerful effect on the New York R&B singer, and in July Blige moved to London, intent on injecting Disclosure’s throbbing house pulse into her own music. The result is ‘The London Sessions’, a record that, in the skittish ‘Right Now’ and the crackling dancefloor thrum of ‘Follow’, contains two co-writes with the Lawrence brothers. Disclosure’s sound seeps into the lion’s share of the record, but the most enjoyable diversion from it is ‘Therapy’ – perhaps surprisingly, given it’s co-written by soul warbler Sam Smith – which pays homage to Amy Winehouse’s ‘Rehab’. Even still, Blige’s enthusiasm is most powerful on ‘Follow’.


Record label: Capitol
Release date: 15 Dec, 2014