Album review: Master Shortie – ‘ADHD’

Album review: Master Shortie - 'ADHD'


Definitely worth giving your attention to

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a terribly modern ailment typified by constant irritability and an inability to focus – unsurprisingly, it’s suffered by pretty much everyone under the age of 14. Theo ‘[a]Master Shortie[/a]’ Kerlin, thankfully, is 20 and boasts a perfectly functional flow full of zest and bonhomie, and a poppy, electro-tinged line in retro hip-hop that manages to

be about 65 per cent engaging – the authentic claps, kick drums and guitar heroics of ‘Swagger Chick’, the hefty-arsed, anthemic ‘Rope Chain’ – and 35 per cent ill-advised. He may lose a few friends with the lascivious ‘Groupie Love’ and ‘Dance Like A White Boy’, but hey, the latter needed to be said. We’re fucking useless at it.

[b]Pete Cashmore[/b]