Album Review: Mastodon – ‘The Hunter’

Album Review: Mastodon - 'The Hunter'


Stacks of complex metal axe interplay

Around the middle of the last decade, when Atlanta metallurgists [a]Mastodon[/a] began to wink at the mainstream, some suggested they might even be the next [a]Metallica[/a]. Were that the case, ‘[b]The Hunter[/b]’ – their fifth full-length – should logically be their ‘[b]Black Album[/b]’. Safe to say it’s not expected to sell comparably, but there are a few radio-friendly moments. Happily, they’re so sufficiently steeped in classic rawk that songs like ‘[b]Curl Of The Burl[/b]’ don’t sound like cynical stabs. More unexpectedly, ‘[b]Creature Lives[/b]’ sounds like early ’90s churchy shoegazing; more expectedly, there’s still stacks of complex metal axe interplay and Troy Sanders’ stirringly hairy vocals.

[i]Noel Gardner[/i]


Director: Mike Elizondo
Record label: Reprise
Release date: 26 Sep, 2011