Maverick Sabre – ‘Lonely Are The Brave’

Maverick Sabre - 'Lonely Are The Brave'

Next thing he'll be donning a beehive wig...

Maverick Sabre is the “[i]male Amy Winehouse[/i]”. Or so his label would have you believe, in a bio that manages to avoid the words “[i]Plan[/i]” and “[i]B[/i]” altogether. Sabre’s voice has a gritty soulfulness, but where Winehouse dreamed up a musical identity that was more than the sum of its retro parts, Sabre’s debut underwhelms somewhat. ‘Let Me Go’ succeeds only by pilfering the Isaac Hayes sample previously used by Tricky and Portishead, while ‘No One’ is such a flagrant Amy copy you can almost smell the beehive lacquer. The result feels more like a product of urban music’s identity crisis than fruits of Sabre’s own endeavour.

[i]Ben Cardew[/i]


Record label: Mercury
Release date: 06 Feb, 2012