Album Review: Melissa Auf der Maur – ‘Out Of Our Minds’ (Roadrunner)

Album Review: Melissa Auf der Maur - 'Out Of Our Minds' (Roadrunner)


The former Hole bassist's new album is woefully slight in comparison to her debut

Back in 2004, [b]Melissa Auf der Maur[/b] did the unimaginable and quietly upstaged her former [a]Hole[/a] bandmate [b]Courtney Love[/b] as they launched their debut solo projects in the same year – no mean feat. Full of the kind of overblown rock posturing left untapped since the early ’90s, her debut proved to be a guilty pleasure. Part of a Viking-themed multimedia project no less, follow-up [b]‘Out Of Our Minds’[/b] feels woefully slight in comparison. Still brazenly intent on rhyming every other syllable, [b]Auf der Maur[/b] too often leads these songs down aimless proggy tangents, resulting in what might well pass as background music for a goth dinner party.

[b]Tom Edwards[/b]

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