Metric – ‘Synthetica’

Metric - 'Synthetica'


Their fifth record restores our faith

Expectations of band fatigue, be gone. It appeared, for some time, that Metric had peaked with their second album, 2005’s ‘Live It Out,’ but some kind of late-stage evolution seems to have occurred on ‘Synthetica’. The essential appeal of the Canadian quartet remains intact: Emily Haines sings sultry, brooding vocals over vaguely gothic synthpop. They’re often limited by barricading their songs inside the sound they’ve created, but on their fifth album there’s a newfound clarity in the production that provides an added dimension to their tunes. It’s most evident on ‘Dreams So Real’, with its piercing melody, skittering synths and bold talk of “the power of girls”.

[i]Hayley Avron[/i]


Director: Metric
Record label: Metric Music International
Release date: 25 Jun, 2012